Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Getting it right, in the sack!

The Work Away Dude here.

My Missus was asking me about our sex life and why it has recently declined. I decided to finally tell her that it was because her vagina was getting too loose. It's no longer sexually gratifying to make love to her. We are on a mission to fix this however! All is not lost! We have been reading several blogs on the topic and have come across a few good and interesting topics that seem to make sense.
  1. Active Women has a good article about tightening you vagina with Kegel Exercises
  2. The Women's Health Blog gives good advice about how to "revirginize yourself"
  3. While Lady Holistic gives many advices on natural health and vaginal tightness
These have been an awesome help to us and we even plan on trying one of the vaginal tighten gels that we found on a related site:

If this has helped you in anyway, gives us a thumbs up!
Thanks for reading!

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